Awarded Willamette Week's "Best of Portland" 2005!


We really enjoyed living at Bluebird 58. Having so much space to garden in was so wonderful - the garden brought the community together and was a great way to relax. There's nothing like your own vegetables! We fell in love with the neighborhood too - Woodstock is a friendly, down-home type place that we felt really comfortable in. Plus the location on 58th makes for a quiet environment. The sustainability principles were very important for us and drew us to the community. It was great being able to gather and hang out in the courtyard too - say hi to neighbors, enjoy the sunset, grill corn, watch movies...

--John and Jessie

Bluebird 58 is peaceful and quiet. The street gets very little through traffic. The folks who live in the complex are friendly and caring - it's really nice to know your neighbors! I can't imagine many other apartment communities in Portland where I would feel as safe and secure as I did here.


I've really enjoyed living here the last year and look forward to the upcoming year.